Sash Window Care Services

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Services per window

Remove top and bottom sliding sashes from window box. Check condition of all timber for rot and damage, treat where necessary with wood rot and woodworm treatment, sealing any hairline cracks and cover any bare wood with Dulux primer and correcting any loose putty

Check condition of pullys, cleaning any excess paint that may cause draught's and sticking. Replace wax cords and rebalance windows to restore to good working order.

I will consult, and agree a price with you if I find any rot to be repaired.

Service cost does not include changing locks, any rot repair, re-glazing or draught proofing

Draught Proofing

Please note, draught proofing can only be carried out as part of a service.
I use a brush glide system, unseen from normal view, and good for grade 2 listed buildings.

Sill Replacement

Sill replacement to include inner frame sections ( approx. half way up box section) as more than half the repairs that I carry out need replacing due to rot. Many companies fail to mention this, then ask for more money whilst your window is open and exposed. All bare timber is left in Dulux wood primer.

If you only require part of the sill or side section to be replaced phone or email me with all the information and I will try to gove you an accurate price.

Sliding Sash Repairs

Small joints repairs
Replacement of bottom rail
(ring or e-mail for price)

All bare timber treated in Dulux Primer.

One-off repairs

One off repair means in general, if window is in good working order and only requires a cord repair, re-balance, pully repair, small crack or rot repair.
For this, phone or e-mail and I will try to give you an accurate price.